Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Trail Rides.

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Question: Do I need to wear a helmet?

Answer   : Yes, helmets are mandatory for everyone at all times.  We will supply you with a helmet however please feel free to bring your own equestrian approved ASTM-SEI helmet.

Question: Do you have a minimum age limit?

Answer   : Riders must be at least 7 years of age.

Question: Can I cancel or reschedule my ride once I have made a reservation?

Answer   : If you need to cancel or reschedule you must give us 48hrs notice.  

Question: I have never ridden before, is that OK?

Answer   : Yes, we can accommodate riders of all skill levels including beginners.

Question: Are there any COVID-19 safety procedures in place?

Answer   : We do not require face masks as we are outdoors however please feel free to wear one.  Please maintain social distancing when unmounted.

Question: Do you have a weight/height limit?

Answer   : Yes, for the safety and comfort of yourself and our horses we have a maximum weight limit of 195lbs.

Question: Should I wear anything special, is there anything I should not wear?

Answer   : Long pants and closed toed shoes are required, boots with a small heel are preferable.

Question: Do you have any fast rides?

Answer   : This is a walk only trail ride.  Trotting, cantering and galloping are not allowed.

Question: Can I request a specific horse?

Answer   : If you have ridden with us before and have a favorite horse you can make a request, however it cannot be guaranteed.

Question: Should I tip my Guide?

Answer   : Yes!  If you have enjoyed your trail ride with us please tip your guide!